We moved from Pasadena to Vegas with 6 month old twin boys. This is our story.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

At least it wasn't me first

We were all invited to a first birthday for twin boys. We were pretty excited to attend since we are still getting to know people in Vegas and really enjoy this group.

The party was great. Good food, good drinks and company. We spent most of our time chasing the boys around while trying to have brief conversations. Of course we always divide and conquer. One baby one parent. We switch off on the babies as time goes by. One baby may be a bit more of a wanderer than the other one, thought they both give you a run for your money! I admit that I am always trying to keep an eye on the husband and the other baby.

While I was trying to sit and keep busy baby A while talking with friends husband came over and said "I can't find Baby B.". I didn't even have time to even think about it when our friends jumped and started looking. Anxiety started creeping in when someone yelled I see him. It was not until husband was holding him that I begin to feel panic of what could have been. So scary! I will never forget that feeling and hopefully that will keep me even more attentive.

Baby B was fine. Husband looked away for a second and Baby B turned around and ran off. He is short and easy to miss behind furniture and people! Plus he is fast. . I will give husband a hard time but no ill feelings. It is bound to happen again but at least it wasn't me first!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Terrible almost 2's?

I am still always amazed at how much personality these two guys have. It is like have two small adults in our house. I really had no idea they would already be set in their ways, have so many opinions and emotions, and be so funny.

What is not funny is when they get mad/frustrated, and it happens often. When they want something the can't have (all the time!), you tell them to stop doing something, or when they are not ready to get in the car and go. They both have different types of meltdowns, and I will be honest, one has it more often then the other.

One of the hardest parts is that they are not predictable, it must be some combination of frustration, being hungry and tired. We try to make sure we take care of the hungry and tired, but you still never know.

We will get through this, I think. I imagine when they can express themselves more they will be less frustrated, unless of course they want something we won't give them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One plus one equals more than two

You don't really appreciate how different it is having two little toddlers of the same age until you get to spend time alone with one of them. On the rare occasions that one of them wakes up earlier than the other from a nap or in the morning and you can actually get them out of their room without waking the other, it is a special time just bonding with that one boy.

They really enjoy having you and the toys to themselves. It feels so different being with just one versus the two.

The other day Baby B and I went to a playgroup alone. Normally it is the four of us, with one parent watching one child. It was amazing how much easier it was with just me and Baby B. When the four of us are there I am constantly watching both boys (even though dad is responsible for one), trying to get them both to eat a snack, make sure they are safe and playing with the other kids. With just one baby there is was such a difference experience. I did enjoy it more.

While I would not change a thing, having two little ones around, even with two parents, is much more work than one child to one parent. You only have to worry about that one child, as opposed to "forcing" two to do the same things, eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, play in the same area. I do worry that each boy does not get enough individual attention, but that lasts for less than a minute as I am off to quickly referee some fight over a toy or watch them make each other laugh and squeal.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We all know brothers have such a unique bond, but it is still great when you get to witness it.

The other morning I brought A & B into the living room. We change play and change diapers before eating breakfast. Baby A kept walking to the patio door, but I could not see what he was looking at because the curtains were closed.

After a few moments of standing there our cat Cid ran from under the curtains and hoped through the gate into the kitchen to safety. Baby A stood there for a few minutes longer and then walked away.

As we resumed playing, Cid jumped back into the living room and went to the window. This is highly unusual activity- normally the cats keep as far a distance to the babies as possible and only come into the living room during naps and at night. Baby A started approaching the cat and the cat could not decide if he should stay by the window or run away. Now I knew something was up. Why wasn't he escaping?

I decided to move over to the patio door, and to my surprise I saw our other cat, Gato on the other side! Now, they are not outdoor cats and have never even roamed outside in our current house. Cid was trying to be with Gato from inside the house and risked exposure to babies just to keep him company and let us know he was out there.

After I let Gato in, he ran to get food and water and gorged himself. To my amazement the other cat ran to the bowls and acted thirsty and hungry too. I figure he probably spent the night at the door inside the house keeping Gato company and never ate or drank. What good brothers.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How did we get here?

I really don't feel my age, ok maybe phsyically but not mentally. Sometimes I am not sure I am old enough to be a mother even when I am with my boys.

What makes me really feel old is my pantry. How did I get such a full pantry. I think that a pantry this full belongs to someone who has been in a house for years, cooks, and has kids that actually eat adult food. My pantry looks like a collection that had to have started 20 years ago.

We have moved twice in the past year and I still have a pantry bursting at the seams. How did we acquire all this food and why? I don't even know what I would do with much of it and I am not really sure I like some of it. Didn't I buy it all? Did we inherit canned food and baking items from someone?

I know I am not old enough to have collected all of this!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Was it worth it?

The boys are now almost 14 months old- how did it happen? Every time I look at them they have changed so much. I feel like I can't even remember exactly what they looked like 3 months ago, 2 months ago, even 1 month ago. They certainly don't look like babies.

We have taken a lot of photos, but most are just not quite perfect. And certainly, we have very few photos of the two boys together and only a hand full of the 4 of us.

I decided I wanted to capture this time in photos we would be proud to share. We hired a photographer to take pictures and planned to take them at a great out door shopping center.

It was enough stress figuring out clothes for us all, timing when they boys would be at their best and getting ourselves ready on time.

We made it, everyone looked good, we were on time and the boys were ready to have fun. Only that was all they wanted to do, was have fun. They both went in opposite directions the whole time. No matter what we did they would not stay together. If we picked them up, they freaked out- they wanted to be free! We chased them for two hours, jumped up and down to get them to look, yelled, whistled...

On top of that, Baby A, who I like to call Mr Cheese because he is always smiling and showing his teeth off, never smiled. No matter what we did, he did not show off those teeth!

So two exhausting hours later, we have many smiling shots of the Ham, Baby B, serious but cute Baby B and a few shots of the 4 of us where everyone is looking different ways. My back hurts from bending over, my throat is sore from making noises and I know husband is emotioningly exhausted from the turmoil. I guess we won't know if it was worth it until we get the proofs.

Monday, January 31, 2011

12 months- where did it go?

Wow- a year has gone by.

Everyone tells you it will go by quickly, and I knew that it was probably true, but it was hard to imagine what it would feel like. Especially because in the beginning time went by so slowly I could count the sands as they fell through the hour glass.

With the anxiousness of being a new parent and the sleep deprivation that comes with any newborn (x 2) I didn't think that time was moving- except of course during those few minutes when I laid down to get sleep, that went by fast. Someone told me that with a newborn it would be the longest days of your life but the quickest weeks, and that is really true. As the hours seemed to drag by the weeks and months added up quick.

Soon enough the boys were 3 months old and not so fragile, then 6 months old and half way to a year. 9 months was just a blip and now they are 12 months old.

They are little people living in my house. They have complete and separate personalities that are larger than life. They grow and learn everyday. I do have to stop and wonder about myself. Have I grown and learned something everyday? I am very happy with the job of the boys I am raising but I need to make sure another year does not slip by without more focus on myself.