We moved from Pasadena to Vegas with 6 month old twin boys. This is our story.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our nighttime ritual

We are so lucky that the boys are sleeping through the night. We have always had them on a pretty strict bedtime routine- as recommended by all twin moms - and it seems to have paid off.

We just recently stopped dream feeding the boys around 10pm. They had started acting like we were bothering them when it came time to eat, so we knew we had to give it up. The first night we didn't feed them it felt so weird not to have that tiny bit of cuddle time with them while they were half asleep and half awake. Feeding them may have been not necessary for them, but it was a part of our own nighttime routines.

Now we still go in at 10pm, but we just stare at the boys and marvel at how cute they are, how peaceful they look and can't believe they are ours. It really helps husband and I to sleep through the night.

The I want that-itis is spreading

Why is it that something truly looks more interesting when you can't have it.

This must have something to do with our caveman instincts- like in the caveman days if you saw someone eating something and it did not make them sick you wanted it. However if the caveman was eating something poisonous and died and it became available- you didn't want it.

Husband and I (with two little ones in tow), have recently been looking for a home to rent. It started off as a fun adventure but has quickly become a drag. We try to see as many houses as we can in an outing, so that means I am in the backseat with the boys trying to feed them a bottle or solids while driving from house to house. Fortunately they don't seem to mind yet, and no one has gotten car sick.

No house seems perfect. We saw one that had a great interior, but not the best neighborhood. We thought about it for awhile and inquired into it a few days later and found out it was rented. Somehow it immediately became the one for me. Knowing someone else liked it made me realize it was the perfect house and I was disappointed . However, the next day, the realtor called and said it was maybe available. We did a second showing and decided it was as perfect as a rental was going to get. I started mentally moving in, placing my furniture,and dreaming about our first party there. Unfortunately it turned out it was rented and now I can't get it out of my mind. I can't stop comparing all the other houses we are looking at to it. I want it!