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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One plus one equals more than two

You don't really appreciate how different it is having two little toddlers of the same age until you get to spend time alone with one of them. On the rare occasions that one of them wakes up earlier than the other from a nap or in the morning and you can actually get them out of their room without waking the other, it is a special time just bonding with that one boy.

They really enjoy having you and the toys to themselves. It feels so different being with just one versus the two.

The other day Baby B and I went to a playgroup alone. Normally it is the four of us, with one parent watching one child. It was amazing how much easier it was with just me and Baby B. When the four of us are there I am constantly watching both boys (even though dad is responsible for one), trying to get them both to eat a snack, make sure they are safe and playing with the other kids. With just one baby there is was such a difference experience. I did enjoy it more.

While I would not change a thing, having two little ones around, even with two parents, is much more work than one child to one parent. You only have to worry about that one child, as opposed to "forcing" two to do the same things, eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, play in the same area. I do worry that each boy does not get enough individual attention, but that lasts for less than a minute as I am off to quickly referee some fight over a toy or watch them make each other laugh and squeal.

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