We moved from Pasadena to Vegas with 6 month old twin boys. This is our story.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We all know brothers have such a unique bond, but it is still great when you get to witness it.

The other morning I brought A & B into the living room. We change play and change diapers before eating breakfast. Baby A kept walking to the patio door, but I could not see what he was looking at because the curtains were closed.

After a few moments of standing there our cat Cid ran from under the curtains and hoped through the gate into the kitchen to safety. Baby A stood there for a few minutes longer and then walked away.

As we resumed playing, Cid jumped back into the living room and went to the window. This is highly unusual activity- normally the cats keep as far a distance to the babies as possible and only come into the living room during naps and at night. Baby A started approaching the cat and the cat could not decide if he should stay by the window or run away. Now I knew something was up. Why wasn't he escaping?

I decided to move over to the patio door, and to my surprise I saw our other cat, Gato on the other side! Now, they are not outdoor cats and have never even roamed outside in our current house. Cid was trying to be with Gato from inside the house and risked exposure to babies just to keep him company and let us know he was out there.

After I let Gato in, he ran to get food and water and gorged himself. To my amazement the other cat ran to the bowls and acted thirsty and hungry too. I figure he probably spent the night at the door inside the house keeping Gato company and never ate or drank. What good brothers.

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