We moved from Pasadena to Vegas with 6 month old twin boys. This is our story.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How did we get here?

I really don't feel my age, ok maybe phsyically but not mentally. Sometimes I am not sure I am old enough to be a mother even when I am with my boys.

What makes me really feel old is my pantry. How did I get such a full pantry. I think that a pantry this full belongs to someone who has been in a house for years, cooks, and has kids that actually eat adult food. My pantry looks like a collection that had to have started 20 years ago.

We have moved twice in the past year and I still have a pantry bursting at the seams. How did we acquire all this food and why? I don't even know what I would do with much of it and I am not really sure I like some of it. Didn't I buy it all? Did we inherit canned food and baking items from someone?

I know I am not old enough to have collected all of this!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Was it worth it?

The boys are now almost 14 months old- how did it happen? Every time I look at them they have changed so much. I feel like I can't even remember exactly what they looked like 3 months ago, 2 months ago, even 1 month ago. They certainly don't look like babies.

We have taken a lot of photos, but most are just not quite perfect. And certainly, we have very few photos of the two boys together and only a hand full of the 4 of us.

I decided I wanted to capture this time in photos we would be proud to share. We hired a photographer to take pictures and planned to take them at a great out door shopping center.

It was enough stress figuring out clothes for us all, timing when they boys would be at their best and getting ourselves ready on time.

We made it, everyone looked good, we were on time and the boys were ready to have fun. Only that was all they wanted to do, was have fun. They both went in opposite directions the whole time. No matter what we did they would not stay together. If we picked them up, they freaked out- they wanted to be free! We chased them for two hours, jumped up and down to get them to look, yelled, whistled...

On top of that, Baby A, who I like to call Mr Cheese because he is always smiling and showing his teeth off, never smiled. No matter what we did, he did not show off those teeth!

So two exhausting hours later, we have many smiling shots of the Ham, Baby B, serious but cute Baby B and a few shots of the 4 of us where everyone is looking different ways. My back hurts from bending over, my throat is sore from making noises and I know husband is emotioningly exhausted from the turmoil. I guess we won't know if it was worth it until we get the proofs.