We moved from Pasadena to Vegas with 6 month old twin boys. This is our story.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raspberry mustaches

We had gelattos yesterday and the boys had the cutest red mustaches!  It really did make them more adorable to me, even with the drips down their shirts.  How funny that things change when you have your own kids.
I remember thinking kids with messy faces and clothes were not so cute. And as they tried to give you a hug or kiss I would keep my distance not want any goop to touch me. Now I find it very endearing. Somehow that mess doesn't seem as toxic, the poppy diaper not as repulsive. Interesting how this works.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are we missing something?

We have been on the fence about having another child basically since the boys were born.  We have both felt that 3 sounded like a good number of children.  Just enough to mix it up but would still fit in our car- though it would be tight.

But as each day progressed we realized that two is a lot of work and a lot of reward.  We can each hold one or as they have gotten bigger one of us can hold two hands.  What would we do with the third child?  I do not do well without sleep as most people are.  How can we start over now with sleepless nights, midnight feedings.  My patience is starting to get stretched too, what would happen with one more?  Many people have said you need a girl, but neither one of us has felt that pull, if anything we would rather have another boy.

Several months ago we were out to dinner with the boys, and they were certainly being ornery toddlers but we looked at each other and realized wow this is pretty good.  We can do this just like it is and that is when we decided to stay a family of four. 

There are certainly moments when the thought is a little sad.  Especially with how big the boys are and now they like to pretend to be a baby.  Or when I see a pregnant women and I am a little envious.  But we are good.  I did think for awhile something was missing, but now I think it is my mom- nana.  She should be here and yet she is here.  We talk about her all the time with the boys and that is comforting.  We are a perfect family of four.