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Monday, August 23, 2010

We have a case of I want that-itis in the house

The boys are now 7 months old. They have such strong and separate personalities. They have had these personalities since the day of their birth, and they only get stronger every day.

Baby A has always been more into toys and things. While Baby B enjoys playing with toys, he also likes to look around and study. So no surprise that it is normally Baby A grabbing for a toy. As soon as he could, he started grabbing for as many toys as he could. I don't know who was going to steal from him, but just in case, he had a stash -sort of like my huband and I with sweets. Soon it became that when Baby B played with a toy, Baby A had his eyes on him, making sure that it was not a better toy.

In the past couple of months A has really started to make a play for the toys B is playing with. Doesn't matter if A just had that toy, dropped it, and B picked it up. If B is playing with it, A wants it. Luckily B is pretty easy going, because currently A is able to wrestle most things away from him, but there will come a day when B holds on a little tighter and gives him a fight. Every once in awhile B grabs a toy from A when he is preoccupied and we quietly cheer for him "Go B, you show A!".

Now we are starting to hit a critical point with A. While it is OK for him to steal toys from B, if B starts to reach for a toy A is playing with or heaven forbid touches it, A starts to cry. I can only imagine what this is going to look like over the next couple months and years. Mine! No Mine! I had it first! Mom, he took it!

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