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Monday, August 23, 2010

How green is my valley?

I don't mean to sound like a liberal tree hugging Californian, but where are the recycling bins? I know that in the residential areas recycling is available (I think it may even be an extra cost?), but in our apartment complex and every place of business we have been in, there are no recycling bins.

Come on, the world may someday come to an end and the least we can do is recycle all of the water bottles we have to drink here in the desert to stay alive! How easy would it be for restaurants, business and casinos to have recycling bins. Think of all the beer cans and water bottles being tossed, how easy it would be to toss them in a separate bin.

I am not perfect and have been known to let the water run a little bit while brushing my teeth- I am working on always turning it off- but one of the simplest things to do would be to put out bins. My husband did find a recycling center to drive to so I guess our patio will be filled with plastic water containers, wine and beer bottles and other items in between trips to the center. Please bugs- do not come and visit our empties while we store them- I have seen enough of you in our place.

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  1. I know, they do not make it easy to recycle here. I think you have to maybe call the trash company and ask for the bins? Not sure. I know some people Henderson that do recycle, somehow, with bins and all. When they came over my house and found that we do not recycle they got all up in my business and told me I was irresponsible and I was destroying the earth. To which I say - give me some bins and someone to pick it up, and I will recycle. :) Anyway, try asking the trash company.