We moved from Pasadena to Vegas with 6 month old twin boys. This is our story.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank god I don't cook!

We did a lot of research on items for the boys while putting together our baby registries. It was a bit overwhelming. One item we didn't realize we would need was a thermometer for the bath water. My mom kept telling me to put my elbow in the water and see if it was too hot for the boys. Somehow my elbow could not live up to the pressure of making such an important decision.

In a rare time of a few spare mintues in the boys early weeks we ran out to Babies R Us for supplies (and some minutes of freedom- who knew how much you could enjoy Babies R Us!) and purchased a ducky water thermometer. The ducky really helped to take the pressure of my elbow. Hot, perfect or too cold was now determined by an expert- the duck.

We relied on it a 100%, so one day when the screen started to fade we panicked, it quickly died. How could we give the boys a bath now? Luckily my husband is very resourceful and discovered we had another thermometer that we did not use- the meat thermomter. This was perfect, we gave the boys baths in the kitchen, so a kitchen theromemter should be ideal. While it looks dangerous with the sharp end, it tells the temperature acturately. Everyone laughs when they see it, but 5 months later it is still working. As long as you remember to keep it out of reach of your babes I highly recommend it.

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