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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are men really the bad communicators?

For centuries men have bore the responsiblity of being the bad communicators, but I wonder if the really deserve all the blame.

There are so many books, articles, blogs etc... about how bad men are at expressing themselves and women are hailed as the great communicators. We are the voice of reason, opinion and sanity. However I have really come to question this.

There is one circumstance all women face on a regular basis that tries their communication skills. We all work so hard to explain what we want, use many adjectives and even try and use visuals to reinforce our message. But so many times the outcome is not at all what we expected, wanted or desired.

Why is it everytime we get our haircut, the stylist somehow does not get it all right? I swear we were clear on what I wanted the length of my hair I wanted. We discussed it, where it would fall, how many inches it was and I even showed photos of what I wanted the length to be. In fact, she thought I wanted it to short and recommended cutting it in stages. Well here I am, with hair much shorter than I wanted! How much more explicit can I get, apparently I need to question my own communication skills.

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