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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Am I the last person to not own skinny jeans?

What is with all the fads and how quickly they are adopted and adapted.

I love leggings. They are great with long (very long) sweaters or short dresses, but something that goes past your thighs. They are so comfy and easy. Over the past couple of years I have seen an evolution of leggins getting thicker and the tops you wear with them getting shorter. I am sorry, but no matter how thick they are, they are still leggings. I am seeing now girls in leggins with their tissue thin t-shirts tucked in! Excuse me, you should not be running around with your behind in somethinga as form fitting as a bathing suit! On the skinniest girl it is still not right.

Leggings were just not enough for everyone, now they are making jeans with a legging cut. I thought the benefit of jeans was that they suck things in where needed and hide some of your flaws. I don't want jeans that hug every curve, just the ones I want them to. I think these jeans are the new legging, everyone is wearing them. They tuck them in to their uggs, riding boots, stilletto boots, you name it. It is the new uniform. Maybe I am just jealous, but I refuse! -Until I can fit in them)

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